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Not often considered a “luxury vehicle” by the typical standard of an exceptionally high price tag, Volkswagens continually reward their owners with reliability, high fuel efficiency and dependability, as they usually tend to last through years of wear and tear while not slipping in terms of performance. For years they held the reputation as the quintessential car for a summer road trip to the beach and with models now like the Jetta, Passat and Beetle being seen on roads more and more each day, it’s clear that they’re staying power is undeniable.

Built to the same high standards that you would expect in a German import, one key aspect of a Volkswagens’ popularity is in its lower price tag than the other imports, coupled with the fact that they’re usually lower cost vehicles in terms of major repairs, it’s clear why budget conscious drivers have made them so popular.

An important part of making sure that you get the full benefits out of that high quality craftsmanship is following the recommended maintenance schedules for each vehicle. Designed by Volkswagen with your vehicle’s optimum performance in mind and following these service plans closely will keep your Volkswagen’s issues at a minimum.

Knowing what each service interval requires while also having the knowhow and experience to perform more intricate repairs is what H&M Autohaus has been providing Volkswagen owners in Westchester, IL for over 35 years. Our staff of specialists know what it takes to create just one car and that’s why we are careful with each vehicle we service, paying attention to the little details that add up to the overall performance and look of your car.

For drivers in Westchester along with the Oakbrook and Le Grange areas, our friendly customer service and high quality of work have been servicing as the best alternative to going straight to the dealership. With our Bosch certified staff using the latest in factory level equipment for both diagnosing and repairing your vehicle, the only difference between H&M Autohaus and the dealership will be the personal touch we give to each car we service.