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Resting on laurels and strength of reputation has never led to an advancement of anything and no auto manufacturer understands that and continues to pursue improvement like Mercedes Benz. For over 90 years now, the Mercedes Benz has stood as a symbol of success, luxury and quality, with each decade’s models lasting throughout the years as one of the best vehicles to emerge from an increasingly crowded field of luxury cars available.

From two-door coupes and sports cars to more luxury sedans and spacious SUVs, a Mercedes Benz’ power and performance is always complimented by its’ next level creature comforts. Everything from how the suspension feels and the vehicle handles to the type of leather interior and even how big the cup holders are is designed with your comfort in mind.

The unparalleled quality of craftsmanship that Mercedes has become known for is what makes it one of the most desirable luxury cars on the road today. A large reason why classic models look just as good as the new ones lies in the maintenance programs designed by Mercedes to extend and optimize the life of your car.

In most instances if your luxury car were in need of service, you’d take it in to the dealership in order to ensure that you were getting the proper service, but with H&M Autohaus in Westchester, IL, the expensive and time-consuming trips to the dealer can become a thing of the past.

Our staff of Bosch certified Mercedes specialists is dedicated to delivering the right service your vehicle needs to stay running properly. Whether it’s a larger repair or a routine maintenance appointment, we’ll use the highest factory level equipment to make sure that no issue big or small goes unnoticed and unrepaired with your visit.

Our commitment to offering superior care and maintenance on Mercedes Benz and other luxury cars extends out to drivers in the Oakbrook and Le Grange areas as well, and for over 35 years, we’ve strived to offer the highest level of customer service and repair work that we possibly can. Your Mercedes Benz is a testament to quality manufacturing and design, let H&M Autohaus’ specialists help you ensure that it stays that way.