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Owning a Jaguar can be quite the endeavor for even the most seasoned car enthusiast. With unparalleled speed, elegance and power, you would expect more and more drivers to be filling the streets with various makes and models. However, there’s a very good reason why there are only so many Jaguars currently: they require a deep commitment from the owner in terms of maintenance and service.

Consider that you never see a Jaguar that looks its age when out on the road, that’s because Jaguar owners ensure that their car is constantly kept in clean and perfect running condition. Less routine and more like life extending, the service plans that Jaguars require make sure that everything stays running as it should and that no small issues are allowed to compound any further and compromise the design and performance of your Jag.

With Jaguar owners going to great lengths to preserve their vehicle’s performance and image, it’s essential that they find auto mechanics that feel the same way about their Jaguar as they do. With an unparalleled passion for European automobiles, the technicians at H&M Autohaus not only perform work of a caliber that is second to none, but we do it with the biggest smiles on our faces as service cars is less of a job and more of a passion to us.

Bosch certified and trusted to service Jaguars in Westchester, IL for over 35 years, H&M Autohaus has built our name and reputation on above average customer service along with work that is second to none, not even the dealership alternative. Whether you need us to change the oil and fluids or order a new part, our Jaguar specialists will help you through every step of the maintenance process, only stopping when we’re confident that your vehicle is fine-tuned and in perfect running condition.

We also welcome drivers from Oakbrook and Le Grange, so no matter where you’re located, you have an affordable and friendly alternative to going straight to the dealership. Whether you need routine service or more intricate repairs, our Jaguar specialists will make each step better than the last.