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Brands Serviced

  • Audi

    Newer generations of drivers may not have seen brands like Mercedes, Lexus or BMW’s growth over decades of continued excellence and innovation and may not be able to relate when older drivers speak of vintage models and craftsmanship but now with the emergence of Audi as a premiere luxury car, it’s clear that younger drivers will be speaking about it for years to come.

    The perfect luxury car for today’s society and style of driver, …

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  • BMW

    Operating under its’ own set of standards and rules, BMW has given owners numerous reasons throughout the years to trust that their brand offers the latest and best integration of technology into their top of the line vehicles. Maintaining a commitment to comfort however, BMW also routinely leads the field when it comes to making sure that no experience beats a trip behind the wheel of “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

    With so much quality and …

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  • Jaguar

    Owning a Jaguar can be quite the endeavor for even the most seasoned car enthusiast. With unparalleled speed, elegance and power, you would expect more and more drivers to be filling the streets with various makes and models. However, there’s a very good reason why there are only so many Jaguars currently: they require a deep commitment from the owner in terms of maintenance and service.

    Consider that you never see a Jaguar that looks …

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  • Land Rover

    Keeping drivers just as comfortable on roads as they are off, Land Rover may not be the prototypical luxury vehicle, but with power and durability along with surprisingly high levels of comfort, it’s clear that these European imports were cut from the same cloth as the rest of them. Known for their four-wheel-drive handling, Land Rovers are popular among drivers who need a little bit more from their vehicles in terms of durability while not …

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  • Mercedes

    Resting on laurels and strength of reputation has never led to an advancement of anything and no auto manufacturer understands that and continues to pursue improvement like Mercedes Benz. For over 90 years now, the Mercedes Benz has stood as a symbol of success, luxury and quality, with each decade’s models lasting throughout the years as one of the best vehicles to emerge from an increasingly crowded field of luxury cars available.

    From two-door coupes …

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  • Porsche

    One of the most iconic vehicles in history, Porsche has made a name for itself as one of the most powerful and versatile vehicles that drivers have ever seen. Looking as comfortable and cool on the race track with Paul Newman behind the wheel as it did with James Dean tearing down the streets in his, Porsche owns the reputation of cool perhaps more than any other car or luxury car available to drivers today. …

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  • Volkswagen

    Not often considered a “luxury vehicle” by the typical standard of an exceptionally high price tag, Volkswagens continually reward their owners with reliability, high fuel efficiency and dependability, as they usually tend to last through years of wear and tear while not slipping in terms of performance. For years they held the reputation as the quintessential car for a summer road trip to the beach and with models now like the Jetta, Passat and Beetle …

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